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We're A Food Truck Sno Ball Shaved & Ice Cream Truck Rolled up into One!
There’s nothing more exciting than a Tasty Treats Truck with a variety of shaved ice novelty Popsicle and hand dipped ice cream pulling into the parking lot of your School. Trust me the kids will LOVE it. And you know what? Your staff will love it too! It’s really a no-brainer because everyone loves shaved ice.
Have us come to your home games we always donate 20% of our gross income for each game. Or book us for an open house - it’s your choice!
Sporting events Welcomed.
We have four trucks for any event.
You can request to have a Tasty Treats Truck out for any occasion. We're experienced in High Volume.
26 years of services. Licensed & health approved including ServSafe certificate.
Please Contact Dexster & Melody Robertson at 256-399-7212
Tasty Treats and Hot Eats (fb)